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I'm a Data Professional and Linguist

Getting started

1 minutes
May 3, 2019

Here are some details to help you getting started with this theme.

We’ll assume here that you have a good understanding of Hugo and its structure. If you have any doubt, check the Hugo documentation; it is pretty good and the community quite active! Thank you so much by the way! 💪

The first thing to do when starting your own website is to copy the content of exampleSite in your own root folder. This way, you can have a sample of config.toml file and a first structure.

Don’t forget to change the baseURL param to avoid deployment failures

Browse the articles in the content/post folder to get any help during setup or using the theme. Please, contact me if you have any problem using the them.

Then configure the config.toml file to match your need.

You should then write you home (/content/_index.md), create your first project (see the portfolio definition and your first blogpost.

Lastly, define the menu in the sidebar: you can get some help in the /content/post/manage-your-menu.md file.